Semen Import & Export

Import & Export

Over 15 years of experience in importing and exporting of canine chilled and frozen semen worldwide will provide optimised dedicated services, tailored to your needs.

  Chilled semen to UK & Europe.

  Frozen semen transport worldwide.

  Custom-tailored, personal, step-by-step assistance, based on the origin and the destination of the consignment and the requirements to be met.

  Government approved lab blood work reports for export paperwork.

  Assistance in obtaining import permits/export licences (when required) from the governing bodies.

  Consignment tracking and commercial clearance assistance.

  Veterinary semen clearance assistance (when required).

  Optimal solution finding for difficult cases (exceptional circumstances, dead sire, etc).

  Extensive knowledge and experience in providing import and export solutions to our customers.

For more information please go to the FAQ web page or contact us at: +353 504 58900 or +353 86 819 0076