Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination Dog

Artificial Insemination 

With over 30 years of dedication to canine artificial insemination, we provide world class excellence in canine reproductive services. This experience allows Trade Genetics to apply the highest level of integrity and understanding of the pitfalls, dilemmas and limitations of breeding canines.

We provide an extensive range of efficient canine reproductive solutions that is custom tested to every particular situation.

  Artificial Insemination with Fresh Semen

The easiest and least technical form of canine artificial insemination is an artificial insemination with fresh semen (also can be used with chilled collection), when the semen is collected from a dog and inserted into a bitch intravaginally. This simple and quick method has breed very popular and successful because it yields a number of clear benefits in comparison to just leaving two dogs together for a natural mating.

 Transcervical Insemination

In 2004 Trade Genetics Veterinarians were the first in Ireland to do inseminations via Transcervical Insemination (TCI) using Karl Stortz Endoscope. This procedure is non invasive towards surgical insemination. You can use it with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Conception rates with fresh and chilled are extremely high and very high with frozen semen as we bypass the cervix and deposit semen in the uterine horn as near as possible to the eggs. It is the choice of insemination now for the veterinary profession. 

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