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Progesterone testing for dogs

Canine Progesterone Testing

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The most common cause of a missed conception in bitches is improper timing of mating. Long gone are the times when a mating at day 12-14 guaranteed a successful pregnancy. We have observed the cycles of 5 days and 25 days and no bitch is the same or even no cycle of the same bitch is guaranteed to be the same as her last one.Many methods have been used in the past to determine the ideal time to implant, including vaginal smears, vaginoscopy, electrical conductivity, vaginal discharge appearance, but all of these do not accurately reflect the hormone changes that cause these external signs. The most precise method to determine the correct timing of mating is accurate progesterone testing.Since 2004 at Trade Genetics we carried out in-house progesterone testing for dogs. For many years Immulite 1000, immunoassay system, was the only system in the world that was tested, calibrated and certified for use of canine serum. Unfortunately, there was no further research and calibrations for a number of years, conducted by its parent company, while their competition have been looking into the veterinary use of their instrument and producing relevant, trustworthy results. Since 2018 Trade Genetics have been successfully using MiniVidas latest technology machine with proven consistency and positive results.

The results are ready in 45 minutes and forwarded to a client immediately. We come back to you not just with a number but with a relevant advice. Our recommendations are based on years of specialised research and enormous experience and thousands of females tested in our facilities over the years.

The ideal time for taking a sample from the female is early in the morning, before first feeding. It does not mean that you can’t test her later or after feeding her. You certainly can and please do. As an alternative, you can post the blood sample to the clinic by regular or Swift post (please enquiry at your local post office), it will enable us to give you the accurate result by noon, if received the morning after. The referrals are welcomed.

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