Dog Breeders & Consultation

Phone / Clinic Consultation

Phone or Clinic Consultation for Canine Reproduction Services & Dog breeders.

This service is particularly beneficial for dog owners or breeders who may have questions or concerns about breeding their dogs, managing a breeding program, or dealing with reproductive issues in their canines. We will listen to your specific needs and questions and provide guidance based on our knowledge and experience. Here are some common topics that may be covered during a phone clinic consultation for canine reproduction services:

  1. Breeding Planning: We can guide you on the appropriate timing for breeding, based on the female dog's estrus cycle and signs of fertility. We can also discuss the selection of suitable mates and help you understand the breeding process.
  2. Reproductive Health: If you have concerns about your dog's reproductive health, we can provide advice on managing conditions such as infertility, hormonal imbalances, or reproductive infections. We may recommend diagnostic tests or suggest treatment options.
  3. Pregnancy and Whelping: If your female dog is pregnant, we can offer guidance on prenatal care, including proper nutrition, exercise, and monitoring the dog's health during gestation. We can also provide information on signs of labor and offer advice for a successful whelping process.
  4. Neonatal Care: We can provide information on caring for newborn puppies, including nutrition, vaccination schedules, and general health monitoring. 
  5. Breeding Management: For breeders, we can assist with managing a breeding program, discussing strategies for improving breeding success rates, and offering guidance on record-keeping, genetic testing, and responsible breeding practices.
  6. Semen Assessment and Selection: We can discuss the process of assessing the quality of frozen semen samples and help you understand what criteria to consider when selecting a donor dog for breeding purposes. We guide you on factors such as motility, morphology, and viability of the frozen semen.
  7. Timing and Synchronization: We can provide guidance on the timing of insemination, including the optimal stage of the female dog's estrus cycle for successful breeding. They may also discuss synchronization protocols to ensure proper timing between semen thawing and insemination.
  8. Insemination Techniques: We can explain the various techniques used for artificial insemination with frozen semen, such as transcervical insemination (TCI) or surgical insemination. We provide step-by-step instructions.
  9. Storage and Handling: We can offer advice on the proper storage and handling of frozen semen, including temperature requirements, storage containers, and transportation considerations. We provide guidelines to ensure the longevity and viability of the frozen semen.
  10. Pregnancy and Whelping Management: If the female dog becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, we can provide guidance on monitoring the pregnancy, including ultrasound examinations and hormone testing.