Frozen Semen & Cryopreservation

Cryopreservation & Dog Frozen Semen

Frozen Semen & Storage

Sire management procedures and understanding the peculiarities of each sire is essential for prolonging the active working life of a sire.

It also facilitates the collection of quality semen which is more likely to sustain the rigours of processing to -196°C.

  Professional Pelleted Canine Freezing System - the semen is frozen in pellets and vials (ampoules). 

Pelleted Canine Freezing System Advantages:

  1. Nr. of Breedings: Pellets provide more breedings per collection than straws.
  2. Precision: Pellets allow for more accurate dosing, as individual pellets can contain a specific amount of semen, ensuring consistency in insemination.
  3. Less Volume: Pellets generally take up less storage space than straws, which can be beneficial for long-term storage.
  4. Reduced Risk of Contamination: Since each pellet is individually sealed, the risk of contamination during thawing and handling is minimized.
  5. Thawing Flexibility: Pellets can be thawed individually, allowing breeders to use only what's needed for each insemination, potentially reducing waste.

  A relaxed designated collection area with outdoor grass paddocks or concrete runs to optimise a sire’s ‘mating’ environment.

  Semen evaluation and count and quality certification before you leave.

  Over 30 years of semen collection experience (various breeds).

  Over 20 years of semen freezing experience (various breeds).

  An availability of the seasonal bitch to increase the chances for a successful collection and potentially increase the number of breeding units in the collection, decreasing the cost per unit in each particular collection; (For toy breeds we recommend bringing a teaser bitch with you.(Be sure to travel them in separate compartments – ideally car and trailer!)

  Multiple collections available. All the sires are kept in the secure heated kennels with access to outdoor paddocks or we can accommodate any boarding requirements on demand. Sires can be collected in their home/kennels.

  Frozen semen lasts indefinite if stored under proper conditions. 

  Storage facility available.

  Low costs of frozen semen storage.

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