Male Fertility Check

Male Fertility check

Male Fertility Check

The fertility check of a male dog is not always necessary but is highly recommended prior to using any sire at stud. It is done in order to make sure that a male dog is fertile and a potential missed breeding is not blamed on the sire.

A fertility check of a young sire will determine if he is too young to breed yet and might need a few more months to mature.

A fertility check might be necessary if there is a history of a missed breeding or multiple breedings.

If a sire has only one descended testicle to make sure that he is still capable of producing a healthy litter in his condition. (Breeding to a sire with cryptorchidism is frowned upon by some breeders because it is a hereditary condition that can be potentially passed to his progeny.)

Often a sire’s fertility is a clause in the sale agreement if a male dog is purchased with the potential stud duties.

A fertility check of a male dog includes the semen collection and analysis:

  Visual analysis (colour and volume).

  Sperm count (the number of total sperm cells in the collection).

  Sperm analysis (motility and morphology, i.e. the number of viable sperm cells).

In order to test the fertility of a male dog, we need to perform a collection. The conditions should be optimised in order to obtain the best collection possible (the same as for the cryopreservation process). Also, the collection can be frozen after the preliminary analysis if the owner is satisfied with the statistics without any prior arrangements .

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