Artificial Insemination with Fresh Semen

The easiest and least technical form of canine artificial insemination is an artificial insemination with fresh semen (also can be used with chilled collection), when the semen is collected from a dog and inserted into a bitch intravaginally. This simple and quick method has beed very popular and successful because it yields a number of clear benefits in comparison to just leaving two dogs together for a natural mating.

Advantages of Fresh AI:

  • suitable for any breed.
  • easy on the dog and the bitch.
  • avoids the problems of a difficult-to-mate female or an incompatibility of the two animals (e.g. difference in size or personalities).
  • 100% safe for both, if performed by trained and experienced technicians;
  • does not require any form of sedation.
  • feels very natural for both dogs and bitches.
  • can be used with fresh and chilled semen.
  • easier than assisted natural matings in a lot of cases.
  • provides the assurance of a successful ejeculation and visual analysis of a collected sample (if not analysed and evaluated professionally) in terms of colour, presence of blood and volume.
  • gives certainty that a successful mating has taken place.

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